• Yulee boy with brain injury to race in marathon with dad

    By: Kaitlin Chana, Action News Jax


    The Nassau County community is rallying behind a Yulee boy and his running team that will participate in a Washington D.C. marathon. 

    Bronson Roth, 10, loves being outside and he has brought together a Nassau County deputy and his family to participate in several local races. 

    Soon, they will be hitting the national stage.

    Bronson was born with a traumatic brain injury and his family was told he’d never walk or talk.  The doctors were correct, but Bronson is known to many as a miracle boy.  He is wheelchair-bound and nonverbal, yet he’s inspiring thousands of people through his own story.

    Bronson’s father, Brent Roth, and Nassau County Deputy Bill Quick, are hitting the pavement with purpose as they train with Bronson for the upcoming 42nd Marine Corps Marathon that will be held in Washington, D.C. on October 22.

    GOFUNDME: Bronson Roth to race in Washington D.C. 

    “It’s an honor to be able to serve him. It’s kind of thing that we do as father and son,” Brent Roth said.

    Roth has completed many races with his son, but this upcoming run will be Brent Roth’s first marathon.

    “There is no greater joy in the world than being able to look down and see a smile on his face. That’s all the motivation I need right there,” said Brent Roth.

    For Quick, he’s always had a passion for running; he’s pushed Bronson in several 5Ks, half-marathons,  full marathons and two 55K relay races.

    “I’ll be like, ‘what’s going on B?’ We’re getting ready to turn this corner, and I actually have goosebumps just thinking about how it makes me feel pushing him,” said Quick.

    This race next month will be the most memorable race for Team Bronson. Quick told us he knows Bronson enjoys these long runs from how he expresses himself.

    “The only way he can communicate with us is through his laughter, screeching, and the little noises he makes,” said Quick.

    The race will start at the Pentagon then they’ll breeze by the Arlington National Cemetery before journeying into the District to tour Georgetown and the National Mall.  

    This team of three will then enter Arlington and pass the Pentagon, tour Crystal City, and finish uphill at the Marine Corps War Memorial.  

    Roth and Quick will switch off in who is pushing Bronson, yet they will be running together as a team.

    MUST SEE: A community rallying behind a local boy and his running team who will be participating in a Washington D.C. marathon. pic.twitter.com/NsCqjRYx60

    Everybody will know who Bronson’s team is by his iconic green running chair. If you’d like to financially support them in this quest, they’ve created a GoFundMe page to help cover medical, transportation, and lodging cost for the team.

    This Roth family has a nonprofit named, “Brave Like Bronson” which teaches inclusion to students as they learn about children with special needs. Their staff visits schools with a  puppet team and uses storytelling to encourage, educate children about other kids who need more support.

    The 3rd annual Brave Like Bronson Special Needs Children’s Christmas Party will take place in December. They give children with special needs gifts along with a visit from Santa Claus.  Their goal is to make sure that every child that comes, leaves with a happy heart.

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