• WATCH: Two women arrested after Florida road-rage attack


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    Two women face battery and burglary charges after a brutal road-rage assault was captured in Pasco County, Fla. 

    The incident was captured on camera by another motorist.

    Kelly Lyn Gemberling, 49, and Alicia Nicole Scarduzio, 20, were charged after the incident, which occurred in full view of multiple witnesses at a crowded intersection. 

    "It was vicious and it was scary," an unidentified witness told FOX 13 Tampa. "I felt like I was watching those fight videos that you see online."

    The video shows a Pasco County deputy making a U-turn when he sees the attack from his patrol car. 

    From FOX 13: 

    "She said it started with a car, driving aggressively, cutting off other vehicles. Witnesses say that aggressive driver tried to drive around the vehicle of the victim, but was stuck at a red light and was not able to pass.

    "She got mad," the witness said, adding the situation escalated at Little Road and Troublecreek Road when the Scarduzio and Gemberling allegedly jumped out and attacked the victim.

    "The one passenger got into this girl's vehicle. I mean, how would you feel if somebody jumped into your vehicle, slammed it in park while you're at a light, and then simultaneously another person that's double and a half your size rips you out by your hair and starts brutally attacking you?"

    The station reported that the victim had to be taken to the hospital. 

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