• Video of Jacksonville doctor dancing with his patients to cheer them up goes viral

    By: Bridgette Matter , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A local doctor has gone viral for the way he comforts kids at Wolfson Children’s Hospital’s emergency room.

    Millions have watched the video of Dr. Chima Matthew dancing with three young girls Winter, Autumn and Kristlynn Moses. 

    In August, Autumn was here being treated for strep throat. She and her two sisters were sad, until Matthew decided to have them dance. 

    The girls' mom was recording and the video went viral, with millions of views. Even Ellen DeGeneres took notice and posted it saying, “Their sister was sick, so this doctor cheered them up with a dance. I love this."

    Matthew dispenses medicine in the form of laughter, connecting with tiny patients, some of whom never make it home.

    “I’ve gone to a bunch of funerals for my kids and some people tell me, 'Chima, you get too close you know, don’t let your heart get in it. 'I am ready to walk away from medicine the day my heart is not in it,” he said.

    A feeling shared by the sisters, with the doctor who danced his way in their hearts.

    Matthew was so inspired by his patients he is starting his own foundation to help children beyond the hospital doors.

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