• St. Augustine Beach dunes bulldozed for ocean view, city says

    By: Larry Spruill Jr. , Action News Jax


    New video shows what looks like a bulldozer, making its way through one of the protective sand dunes at St. Augustine Beach, leaving behind a gaping hole.

    The city believes the dunes were bulldozed to give someone an ocean view

    David McIntosh says that protection has now been erased. “It’s not supposed to be there," McIntosh said of the gap. "The dunes were put there to protect those homes. Somebody took something in their own hands and did something they weren't’t supposed to do."

    According to a police report, the person who owns the home right in front of the dune said, “She didn't know who could have done that.” 

    But the report gives one clue, an email sent by the city’s building official, which mentions he talked to somebody who said they had done it to create an ocean view. 

    Neighbors say there are a lot of special events at the beach. We caught a wedding in action, and neighbors tell Action News Jax they believe the hole in the dune was created for easy access for the people who attend those events. 

    Police are investigating how much sand was pushed away.

    “It keeps those tidal waves and everything else, from whatever we get from the hurricanes, keeps it from washing out the foundation of these homes,” McIntosh said. 

    Police say this type of dune destruction could lead to a first-degree misdemeanor.

    At this time, they’re still investigating and say no charges have been filed. 

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