• Report: St. Johns County man scares 16-year-old driver on Shands Bridge


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    A St. Augustine man is in the St. Johns County Jail after he reportedly struck a newly-licensed driver's car multiple times on the Shands Bridge. 

    William Larry Bennett, 24, tailgated three people riding in a 2010 Toyota Highlander because they were driving too slowly, deputies said. The driver was only 16 years old, the report said. 

    Bennett's 2003 Dodge truck hit the victims three times, the report said, causing the teen driver to fear being pushed off the bridge. 

    Bennett honked his horn, made hand gestures and yelled at the teen driver, the report said. 

    A passing motorist saw the actions and tailed Bennett, but Bennett stopped his vehicle and confronted the witness before driving off in an erratic manner, the report said. 

    Bennett is being held on three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of a crash.

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