• Parts of ground in Jacksonville neighborhood caving in near school bus stop

    By: Kevin Clark , Action News Jax


    Neighbors say rain over the years has eroded the rocks and minerals of the soil, causing parts of the ground in a Westside neighborhood to cave in.

    Victoria Mendillo showed Action News Jax where a chunk of sidewalk caved in. It’s part of a larger hole that is at least 7 to 8 feet deep.

    “I was telling everybody, if we were ever to get a flood or something like this, this is going to cave in,” said Mendillo, who lives on Pisces Circle. “Well, I never would have expected this.”

    The hole is close to where students wait for the school bus each day.

    “It’s not safe,” Mendillo said.

    Mendillo and her neighbors are worried about their own homes being swallowed up. 

    She showed us the once-flat area just behind her backyard that has now become a hill.

    After Hurricane Irma, Mendillo said, part of her fence was swallowed up due to the erosion.

    “It was leaning, and then it just completely fell in,” she said.

    Since the property behind her home is city-owned, she’s tried calling for help many times without any luck.

    But after we reached out, a city of Jacksonville spokesperson told us:

    "630-CITY does not have a report of this issue being filed with them. I've shared the inquiry/location with Public Works to look into it."

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