Nassau County 911 operator helps deliver baby over the phone


A Nassau County 911 operator is being lauded for her calm while helping a panicked father deliver twin boys in a Callahan hotel room. 

Kim Miner was working her normal shift in the communications center when a man called from a hotel room and said his girlfriend was about to go into labor. 

The mother was 7-and-a-half months pregnant and not expecting to give birth. She could be heard screaming for help over the phone, authorities said. 

From Nassau County Sheriff's Facebook page: 

Communications Officer Miner then stayed on the phone and calmly directed the father, walking him step-by-step through what was needed in delivering the first child (Jayden) at 12:11 AM, making sure the baby was breathing while telling the father to wipe the bloody baby ‘s face and body clean with a towel.

"She could hear the child crying over the phone, which she knew was a good sign, before NCFR arrived and helped deliver the second child (Brayden) at 12:20 AM.

"The mother and both infants (weighing 4 pounds each) were transported to UF Health Hospital in Jacksonville in healthy condition."

The boys were named Jayden and Brayden. 

Congrats to the new parents! 

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