• Mom says her toddler nearly fell out third-story window at Jacksonville apartment complex

    By: Michael Yoshida , Action News Jax


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    A Jacksonville mom says she's worried about her toddler's safety after he nearly fell out a window of their third-story apartment.

    She said the 2-year-old was able to push the glass out.

    “Dad’s cleaning the living room. He hears a crash. We come in here. He’s literally standing here,” Elizabeth Hansen said.

    “And he’s just sticking his whole upper body out the window and just looking down,” father Tony Falknor said.

    Hansen and Falknor quickly grabbed their son. The glass window was three stories down, broken on the ground. But Hansen said there was something else, too.

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    Reporter: “And you say management was just watching?” 

    Hansen: “Yes, filming on a cell phone of a two-year-old pushing out a window.”

    Hansen said after the window fell out, she got a notice from management.

    “At this point they’re refusing to fix it until we pay the $300. They gave us a seven-day notice or we will be evicted,” Hansen said.

    On Thursday, Action News Jax went to the leasing office of Pier 5350 to get answers. We were given a corporate number to call. We called and were told they weren’t aware of the incident, but would look into it. 

    And as for Hansen, she said the family’s not sure if it wants to stay. 

    “I think they need to look at all the windows on these apartments and evaluate them and get, especially get screens on them,” Falknor said.

    Reporter: “How safe do you feel?”

    Hansen: “Honestly? Not at all. This is supposed to be my children’s room."

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