• Las Vegas shooting: UF Health Jacksonville said it is equipped to handle mass casualty situation

    By: Bridgette Matter , Action News Jax


    UF Health houses the only level one trauma center in Jacksonville.

    UF Health told Action News Jax they are equipped to handle a mass casualty situation like the Las Vegas mass shooting.  

    Trauma surgeon Dr. Brian Yorkgitis said their facilities together can accommodate hundreds of patients.

    "We have a mass casualty incident plan that address up to over 1,000 patients," Yorkgitis said. 

    They recently trained in a biochemical scenario with 50 patients. 

    The hospital is also equipped to take care of pediatric trauma patients. 

    Once the call is made, the hospital responds right away. Dozens of doctors, nurses, staff are called in and report to their designated places. 

    The blood bank and the supplier is notified. 

    Triages and other areas of the hospital are prepared, and any non-life-threatening operations underway will stop. 

    Doctors at UF Health emphasize people should carry real tourniquets and be trained on how to use them.

    Makeshift tourniquets will sometimes cause more harm than good. In that situation, it is better to apply pressure until help arrives.

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