• Jacksonville neighbors furious after dead goats left on sidewalk

    By: Larry Spruill , Action News Jax


    UPDATE, 10 a.m. Sunday: The city of Jacksonville says the dead goats have been removed and the city is working with neighbors to see if anyone saw anything. 


    Original Story 

    Some residents in Jacksonville are furious after someone left dead goats in their neighborhood.

    Grove Park neighbors told Action News Jax reporter Larry Spruill on Saturday the two dead goats have been on the sidewalk for hours and they don’t know what to do.

    "Surreal" and "outrageous" is how Alexander Stillworth describes finding the goats across the street from his home in the Grove Park neighborhood off Crane Avenue.

    “It was surreal. Very disgusting, I mean, it’s headless,” Alexander Stillworth said.

    Several neighbors sent Action News Jax pictures of the dead goats. Some even stopped by and voiced their concerns to our crews on the scene.

    Some residents say they believe this was a part of witchcraft.

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    “It looks like they took the heads of the goats," Stillworth said. "If they're going to practice whatever they’re going to practice, or do whatever they do, especially when it comes to animals, do it legally.”

    Legal or not, Stillworth says he wants whoever is responsible for the act should be held accountable.

    “I would like for them or somebody to come pick it up, obviously, I’m assuming they should be fined or something. They shouldn’t be dumping anything on the side of the road, at minimum they should be fined,” Stillworth said.

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